Ny samarbeidsavtale: RSA og Suzuki

RSA Bil og Suzuki Norge har valgt MPS Bilskade som sin leverandør på Smart Repair. Vi gleder oss til å hjelpe Suzuki eiere og RSA Bil med raskere og rimeligere reparasjon av småskader.

Drinks were few and the people many… it was everything I expected and less. What is this I’m drinking? It’s like a choc ice fell into a bucket of Bleach… Childrens Booze! What is this… I’m drinking? It’s disgu… It’s like a choc ice fell into a bottle of bleach. It’s children’s booze! What’s yours? Bludge. It’s quite good, actually. You don’t even have to drink it. You just rub it on your hips and it eats right through to your liver.

It couldn’t be simpler. You’ve got the academic who survived the Stalinist purges and is now having flashbacks to that time. There’s his daughter whose long bitter marriage is falling apart around her and the journalist who’s investigating the academic because he suspects he was never in Russia at the time and then he falls obsessively in love with the daughter and sacrifices his career to become a lense grinder in Omsk.

There’s the elephant. He’s happy with his balloon. Oh no! It’s gone! Where is it? It’s not behind the rhino. Look in the alligator’s mouth. Manny, It’s not there either. Ohhhh… the monkey’s got it in the tree! Manny, He brings it back. They all drink lemonade. The end.

And I’m issuing you with a decree of sub… dew… dee. Subjudy! You are under legal subjudy to stay in that chair until such time as, erm… until Simon says stand up! You’ve got yourself a case, you should get a lawyer. Expensive though. Maybe get someone to pretend to be a lawyer. Yeah, get someone who’s a bit like a lawyer – arrogant, cruel, crooked, a real bastard.

It’s all waffle! Nobody is prepared to admit that wine doesn’t have a taste. Of course you can’t taste anything, you smoke eighty bajillion cigarettes a day. What’s that you’re eating? It’s some sort of delicious biscuit. It’s a coaster! Are there any more?

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Vi har mottatt din forespørsel og vi lover å komme tilbake til deg så fort vi kan. Typisk i løpet av en arbeidsdag.

Takk - du hører oss :)